Allied Fiber Ebook

A 55 page, interactive ebook with original photos and videos detailing their impressive national dark fiber build. The ebook and photos are used by the company to explain details of their operations to their market and investors.

Colo Atl Ebook

Colo Atl is a carrier hotel in Atlanta, GA that provides colocation, data center and interconnection solutions to domestic and global carriers.
The ebook and photos were created to help visualize the space and operations to prospective clients and their market

325 Hudson Ebook

325 Hudson is a carrier-neutral interconnection facility in New York City, offering direct access to transatlantic cables, major fiber providers and peering exchanges.
Photographing the entire build, this interactive ebook was the first ever to show what an interconnection facility is and explain how it works. A visual glossary helps non-technical readers fully understand the material.