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“Invisible Networks: One Woman’s Fantastic Quest to Photograph the Living Internet”

Shuli Hallak is on a mission to bring to light the servers, fiber networks, and carrier hotels that keep the world wide web alive and humming.

We tend to think of the Internet as vast and infinite, an amorphous nebula of tweets, cats, and words spilled on Flappy Bird. And to an extent, we’re right–according to some estimates, 90% of the world’s data was generated in just the last two years alone. Yet the Internet and its crushing presence is very much finite, inasmuch as the space and infrastructure required to contain it is, physically speaking, limited in form. Reddit’s server rooms take up space. And so does your computer.

Which is why in many ways, this Internet–the physical Internet–is even more mysterious to us than the more-familiar information universe housed inside it. And now, one ambitious photographer would like to change that. Invisible Networks is the ongoing project of Shuli Hallak, whose end goal is to showcase the palpable parts of the net we otherwise never think about. Part fine art project, part editorial, Invisible Networks sucks us into the weird alternative universe of massive carrier hotels and amazonian broadband networks pulsing beneath our cities. And–perhaps unsurprisingly–it’s pretty damn fascinating.

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