About the Project

Invisible Networks is a project showing the physical infrastructure of the Internet:  carrier hotels, data centers, and the terrestrial and subsea fiber networks that connect them.  90% of the world's data has been created in the past 2 years alone and every day we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data, which moves across the web through fiber at almost the speed of light.
Through the use of photography, interactive ebooks, and collaborative efforts with leaders in the industry, we will show what the Internet is and how it works in unprecedented ways. Seeing is believing!



Photographs of the physical infrastructure of the Internet.

Meet Me Area

Carrier Hotel

Carrier hotels are the nerve centers, the physical places where core networks come to interconnect.  Here are exclusive photographs inside  of 325 Hudson,  what it took to build it and how it’s …


Data Center

Take a look inside of a data center: cabinets housing servers, non-descript boxes trading millions of dollars of currency, and direct connections to the submarine cables beaming data across the Atlantic Ocean to places like …

Fiber reel on 6th Ave, NY


Fiber optic cables are what hold the Internet together.  Nearly 2 billion people access the Internet at once because of fiber, and it is mostly out of sight.  Here are some photos of fiber cables …



Blog Posts

  • "It is perhaps not a surprise that photography developed as a technological medium in the industrial age, when reality started to disappear. It is even perhaps the disappearance of reality that triggered this technical form. Reality found a way to mutate into an image."
    Jean Baudrillard